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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Wander through the maze with me...

I have struggled, cried, screamed and whined through every diet known to man (or woman) . I have given up every time before I reach any kind of noticeable goal. I don't really cheat on these diets I just stop.....I hate the word cheat anyway because how can eating the wrong food be in the same category as cheating? I mean seriously you can go to jail for cheating on your income taxes, divorce court for cheating on your spouse, and expelled for cheating on a test. So I can't use the catastrophic word "cheating" for eating the wrong food. I prefer to use these words......"yikes!! I am out of shape, my clothes don't fit, (including my beloved navy blue dress with very cool long jacket)I don't think my shoes fit!! I don't fit into anything like I did before....I dread pictures, scales and seeing people I haven't see for I need to eat better food. But wait a minute do you see that eating is in the word cheating? Hmmmm maybe something is up...

So enough...I mean it.... enough! I do not have control over anything or anyone but me. I can fit into my beloved navy blue dress with very cool long jacket. I can do this. So every couple of days I will share my ups and downs, tips I find helpful and instead of screaming into my pillow I will share it with you the blogasphere!

I mean we all have goals we want to achieve, and guess what? No matter what you want to do the pattern to get there is the same. So whatever you want to do we can do it together. It doesn't matter what you want to change, just that you want to change.

Any idea you have is clearer if you write it down, any thought you have, maybe an impression...because your better angels always want you to succeed. Listen to them. Let the better angels win. And since they speak softly sometimes you have to get really quiet to hear them. Ponder, meditate, pray...expect miracles.

If you are trying to make a change in your life, join me! Whether you are searching for a better career, save some money, maybe a healthier life, maybe you just want to get along better with people. Or the worst..... you have stopped paying attention to yourself, and you can't even hear your better angels any more.

This is a journey I have really wanted to take for a long, long time. But I never get past the initial pain. So, for once, I am going to soldier on, and see it to the end. Who knows what I will learn? Who wants to join me? We can do anything with the Savior's guidance. His yoke is easy, don't forget that....


  1. Journey on, my friend! And may the angels attend thee...

  2. Go Donna...I guess it's the by product of so many good meals put out by Ray Ray's...I sense salads coming soon. :)

  3. Amen to that!! and ps, you are a beautiful, wonderful, fabulous mom, woman, person! Heather Bell

  4. I knew there was an explanation for it....


    Thanks, Donna. At least, now I understand what my deal is.