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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

I woke up today not quite sure what the problem was. But to be sure there was a problem. I tried to decide what I should do list grows in the night. And none of it seemed fun.

Problem one. No fun, and nothing on the horizon.

Being a woman of solutions I tried to figure it all out. Nothing was coming.
My daughter is sick on the couch, I have a ticket due tomorrow, my house is dirty, there are weeds where there should be flowers, and I am turning into one of those women on TV that needs an intervention because she has so much stuff... FEMA may be called in for my bedroom. On second thought if I am declared a disaster I could get government assistance, and then I could call that cute guy from extreme home makeovers. However it would require everyone seeing my bedroom.....not going to do that.

More problems....I am not running out of problems, just solutions...

I started with the kitchen floor, which led to the washing machine, which led to sweeping outside, (as my mother would say, "they are all going to track it right back in!! Sweep outside!) which led to the ticket....there it was, staring at me...the due date screaming!!
The solution for the ticket is not as simple as writing a check. You see last summer I had lasik surgery, no more contacts! But who knew you had to have your drivers license changed from restricted to not restricted? Who would willingly go to the DMV? We only go there when we are forced, we need deadlines, we need someone chasing us to get us there!! Not just "shoulds". What's a should? I spit on, I didn't willingly to go to the DMV to have my drivers license changed. So when I got pulled over for speeding in totally-rural-Nevada, I had the great good luck to be facing Dudley Do-Right who knew all the laws. He was surprised, shocked, and horrified that I didn't run down to have my drivers license changed as soon as the eye surgery took. In fact he wrote on my ticket that I "claimed to have lasik surgery". Hmmmm, I've got news for Dudley my eyes were so bad I couldn't have put the key in the ignition much less drive without contacts...I am not claiming anything...but now I have a problem. I have to go down to the DMV and have my drivers license changed today. Yikes.... Then I think, "what if I have it changed and I still have to pay the fee?" Why go? Just pay the fine... it is due tomorrow, unless I drive to Wherever-Nevada and talk to a judge how will it be lowered? Trouble on I finally on the phone, I get through to an actual person and she listens...she really listened to me. and she helped me...She offered a continuance, giving me plenty of time to get the license fixed, She told me to send a note to the judge...a nice note, (she specified that for some reason) then will rule and then I will pay. But a lowered fine.

Just like that...problem solved...a great solution!

Someone I don't know, will never meet...saved my day. Because somehow this unknown woman giving me a break made all the other problems I had on my list suddenly doable. I now have the strength of ten women. All because one person was reasonable, and kind.

I love it....I am going to do it for someone else. Today, no waiting! And I think the key is to do something life altering early in the day, that way people will have a great day, all day.

BTW...have you seen the icon I use for my blog?...I am a queen!! (self professed but a queen nonetheless) I can offer clemency. So line up little chickens tell me what you need. I will fix it for you!

The fun I will start with is celebrating my son Trey's birthday. Happy Birthday Trey!! Mommy loves you....always.


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  2. I dislike going to the DMV as much as you apparently do. And you're right...having even one person do something truly kind for you and the whole day looks brighter.

    You've inspired me. I'm going to make a real effort while I'm out and about to make someone's morning a little better.


  3. "Remember, we all stumble, every one of us.
    That's why it's a comfort to go hand in hand."
    ~Emily Kimbrough~ Yes, yes, pay it forward, so to speak! Very inspiring indeed! We Do make a difference for others if we only take the time! btw - Happy B-Day to Trey!!!

  4. You're one of the funniest writers ever.

  5. I'm confused... I wear glasses so I'm pretty sure my license says restrictions. How would they know if you were just wearing contacts, like I usually am? And who checks that anyway?! In any case, thanks for the reminder... I have a ticket due in 3 days as well for not having proof of insurance on me when I got pulled over for an expired registration that was thankfully let go. Still can't find that dang insurance card...

    As for your pretty much described mine! It's GROSS! I had big plans to clean it today since I was gone all day yesterday. Then I went to physical therapy and learned that I was not allowed to bend over, look up, or move very quickly for 24 hours and that I was to take it easy. How do you clean then? Guess it's my excuse for a lazy day. No point sweeping today lady... Have you seen the sky?

  6. I love you!!!! You are so real.=) I do have a solution to one of your problems: Your too much stuff, you can give it to me!

  7. You had me laughing at FEMA being called in for the state of your bedroom. Don't send them to look at mine!

    I'm not a fan of the DMV either. When I found out my two favorite librarians were being forced into retirement a couple of weeks ago, I told my husband they should cut back at the DMVs instead of the libraries. Yeah right, but I can dream.

  8. Donna-

    I just received my Real ID license so your happy ending story might not be over. Don't go on Monday or Saturday (as I just read about this in the RJ) and you will need the following to get your new license:
    Your certified copy of birth
    Your SS card
    Two yes Two separate utility bills with your name on them
    And finally - you marriage cert showing your name change because your birth cert & possibly SS won't match the marriage cert...

    Now, if you choose (they still haven't decided if Real Id's are going to be a requiremental or an optional thing) to get your Real Id, somewhere down the road we can laugh about our "rare" type of id.
    HAVE FUN!!!

  9. Ha ha ha This sounds so familiar. YAY, for people who find solutions.

    Hey, I saw The Mom yesterday at Cabelas.