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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

10 Tips for writing a better blog, or 100 monkeys..

As always, I, your faithful servant, I look each day for a way to ease your pain, light your way and whiten your teeth....
Take this out for a spin......ten tips for writing a better blog....

It will of course be accompanied by my pithy and clever remarks, simply because I cannot leave well enough alone… After reading this list I thought for a moment that I was back in college listening to Maryilyn Arnold, and her shoes, yell at me for my long winded prose. (she always wore the worst shoes) So here they are, let me know what you think.

· Make your opinion known

This seems fair, we are all in the information business and we love to know how others are dealing with life. It is comforting to me to find out that just like the 100 monkeys someone on a far shore is cleaning their grapes too. Oh, you don’t know about the 100 monkeys? Hmmmm, that will have to wait for another blog.

Link like crazy

Read other blogs, leave comments, and they will read yours.

It is a great way to find out what works and what doesn’t. I have already found that people love to be inspired, they love to read about hope…and anything too long is a waste of time.

Write less

OK.....enough said.

250 Words is enough

I am already coming in at 283, and I am only half finished…..yikes!

Make Headlines snappy

This is the hallmark of the New York papers. And the shame of tabloids.

Write with passion

One thing I know about readers they can spot insincerity immediately. But they will read you forever if you are passionate. We all have our “better angels” and it is good to be reminded of them. Good writers help you look for your better angels .

Include Bullet point list

I am terrible at this, my computer skills are lacking, so I feel a constant struggle between what I can do and what I wish I could do on the computer. If only the computer would take verbal commands.

Edit your post

Dang. But it is true! Every little word becomes your child…however embrace the truth that most readers don’t care about your children the way you do.

Make your posts easy to scan

My favorite blogs are fast, easy and fun. See Crash Test Dummy on this. She is fast, clever and the pictures are great.

Be consistent with your style

This seems easy, however being consistent is a bear. It is part of the discipline isn’t it?

Litter the post with keywords

What does that mean? What does it mean to you? I am not sure I have a clear idea on this one.

Regardless of where you are on the blog scale these ideas can be helpful...or not. Let me know.

As ever, your faithful servant,


P.S. By the way, I formatted the blog this way today, because I could not do anything else. Even my blog won't do what I want.


  1. Ha ha ha!!!

    You do know how to lighten the day with your thoughts. Don't stop!

  2. Blogging rules? There are rules?? I need a style?? I knew something was wrong I don't have a chance now. I have no style. I got the last one down pat tho. Most of the keywords are litter.

  3. Love it! Thanks for the great tips! Will try to put them to use on my own blog!

  4. I tend to be long-winded as well. Once in a blue moon I write a short, pithy post, but all too often I indulge my love for words a little too much.

    Ah, well. I yam what I yam.


  5. OMGOSH! I am sooooo flattered that you mentioned me in this way. YOU. MADE. MY. DAY.

    Donna, here's a huge hug hug kiss kiss!


  6. I posted a comment, but I don't see it? Is it coming soon? I'll check back later, gator.

  7. Maybe your blog having a mind of its own with respect to the formatting was the Universe reminding us all that sometimes the rules can be bent ;-). Thanks for visiting my blog!

  8. Dang - I'm so new to this whole thing called blogging, that reading the list makes me go, "Oh, no... I'm already failing!" :-) I'll master it in, oh, 11 years. :-)

    Onward, ever onward, huh? :-)

  9. Hey, I wrote two comments and I don't see either one of them.

  10. Great tips!But they're all so hard to follow no?:'(

    p.s-i LOVE your blog layout!

  11. Love this stuff. I love reading ANYTHING about blogging. So much information, I just can't lose interest in it..ever.

    Thank you.

  12. "Keywords" may refer to the words that are used in searches like when you do a Google search - using the most often searched words so it will bring up your site is called: Search Engine Optimization. BTW: Great blog - I like reading your opinions and insights!

  13. I host 2 blogs - one is work-related and the other is related to me. I use Blogger/Blogspot for the first and WordPress for the second. I like both and I dislike both. I want them to marry each other and spawn a new and improved version of themselves that blends the best of both and throws out the frustrating glitches that mess up formats! I very much dislike spending HOURS battling glitches instead of waxing poetically. And I know I could have used fewer words, but if I had wanted to do that, I would have TWITTERED!

    Whew! Anyway, thanks for passing along the excellent, though challenging, tips and thanks even more for providing a platform for my venting! :D

  14. Brill! This is super helpful. You're the one who should be saying "you're welcome."

  15. Can I just plagiarize your post for my blogging conference panel next weekend?

  16. Of course you can use it, however it is hardly plagiarizing...I found it onlne and printed the address. I have been happy that some have been able to use it, and amused that I probably won't!! As soon as a rule is printed in front of me I jump right over it!
    So use it, take what you want, change what you think should be changed...and sleep tight!