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Monday, May 10, 2010

Ripped off and stupid at the DMV

OK, here it is my ongoing grind with the DMV.....a sad and troubled tale of an innocent woman (me) forced to go to the is almost a country western song, certainly Ibsen, but mostly a crime!

Want to know what happened? Well here it is. Remember when I told you I got a ticket? For speeding and having better eyesight? That's right in Wherever Nevada I was going 10 miles over the speed limit and I didn't have my contacts in. I wasn't wearing my contacts because my eyes have been healed by a wonderful procedure called lasik surgery. I can see without contacts or glasses!! It is a miracle..but who knew I had to tell the DMV.

Wrong. So wrong. This is something of huge interest to the DMV..because your license must go from "needs corrective lenses" to "Oh my gosh this girl can see!"

So I went to the DMV to have my license changed so that perhaps the good people in Wherever Nevada won't carry out their plan to fine me 106 dollars for driving with better vision. I found all the information I am now forced to carry when going to the DMV...birth certificate, marriage license, social security card, 2 bills from utilities stating your address, your previous driver's license and a partridge in a pear tree. So much work and aggravation. But I have news for you, after all this I will not feel the least bit sorry about reporting my weight on my new driver's license as......125....I shall say it with no qualms, no guilt...after all I have put more planning into this trip to the DMV than Eisenhower did for D-Day. Noah had less stress looking for 2 of everything....

I apply lipstick in anticipation of a gorgeous picture that will stay with me for years and go boldly into the bright Nevada day - destination DMV.

I wait in the "information" line for one hour. When it is my turn (yea me!!) I don't even have time to show how completely prepared I am for this visit with all of my papers and documents when the woman behind the counter tells me the social security computers are down and they cannot process my request. NEXT!!!

WHAT???! I am I patiently ask, "are you telling me I have waited in this line on the last possible day I can pay my ticket, for one hour, only to be told I cannot possibly be helped because the social security computers, that have nothing to do with driving, are down?"

"That's right...Next!"

(evidently the social security computers are in charge of verifying your card. So why do I have a card? I should spare myself the added weight of carrying the card and just let a computer verify me...oh wait the COMPUTERS ARE DOWN!!)

I stand there and look at her, not yet willing to give up my hard fought place at the counter....I do not believe what I am she repeats it. Sort of like when I speak to someone who only understands Spanish and I think I can fix our language barrier by talking louder.....

"you can talk to my supervisor.....NEXT!" I think she yelled...

"Is she as charm-free as you are?"

The DMV woman is strangely quiet and I am not sure she what she may do....but she simply glares at me and says again..."talk to my supervisor."

They must have all gone to a rehearsal because the supervisor says the same thing, only adds I can wait to see if the computers come back up. So more waiting....I wait an additional hour and a half, I buy a diet coke, it is a fountain drink - no refills - $1.75....what? I am ripped off and stupid at the DMV.
Still waiting....but now I realize I have to go....this is just wrong.

So I leave the DMV. For now, I will be back.

I wish Donald Trump would take it over. He could fire all of these people and put Sharon Osborne and Cindy Lauper in charge....I would enjoy that. It would be fun to see Donald, Cindy and Sharon working at the DMV......But this is no fun.

Now I have to go the end of the day. There is still no guarantee I will get my drivers license renewed today. And no phone number to call to save a trip. I must go there, and ask if the computer is back up.

And here is the funny part, I prayed before I went in that I would have patience during my incarceration at the DMV!!

Failed at patience, failed at getting a license....that's why I put chips and salsa on my blog.....
all is well with the world if there are plenty of chips and salsa.

Stay tuned....


  1. Ah-h-h, our tax dollars at work! I think if you are too dumb to work at WalMart, they will gladly accept you at the DMV! (My apologies to any that may offend...)Hope you get it cleared up soon! Oh, and eat lots of those chips and salsa for me - crunch, crunch.

  2. My verification word was "cedifi", maybe that's how we feel after an experience like this - "I couldn't believe how the DMV workers all cedified my well-meaning plans!"

  3. So sorry Donna! What a pain. I avoid the DMV at all possible costs. Good luck.


    Donna, Loved the post about your experience. I do have to say I and all the other people out there that didn't go to the DMV today, had a MUCH better day than you. So SORRY :(

  5. There is nothing, and I repeat, NOTHING, on this earth that I dislike more than dealing with the DMV.

    Case closed.


    PS. Good luck to you! You will need it!!

  6. Here are my thoughts....
    1) chips and salsa are a god send.
    2) Celebrity Apprentice is absolutely my favorite show right now.
    3) sorry you had to experience a glimpse into our future health care system. Total organized chaos and everyone is in a bad mood. :0)

    Loved it!