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Monday, August 2, 2010

Disneyland Trip

When Mikey got home from his mission we decided to go to Disneyland. Everyone was ready to just be together and stare at Mikey. We just say things like....."Mikey's home" every ten seconds. It feels so good...

Aren't they the greatest kids?

Raymond tried all day to put on a brave face, but he hates he is begging the bus driver to take him back to the car.

This was our best story, we had lunch at Blue Bayou. And we were starving, and thirsty. Our waitress was from Mexico so Mikey had a lot of fun talking to her in Spanish. She was quite wonderful...however our bus boy...was the most unhappy guy in Disneyland. Trey thought maybe he was Micky Mouse but was demoted, and maybe it happened that day. Because he was taking it out on everyone he served. We would ask for bread, and he would never speak just grunt and slam it on the table. It was hysterical, we started asking for things to see his reaction! Trey asked for butter and as the guy was walking away he threw it on the we just kept at it......more bread, more butter, more water. We are awful, awful people, it was fabulous...

Ashleigh celebrated her birthday. We will do anything for a free desert.
Disneyland never gets old...I hope I go back a thousand more times...

Disneyland is a place to be silly, to take pictures and make memories...When I leave I am always sad, not because I will miss the long lines or impossible prices. But I think of my children when they were little...and I miss them.

Raymond still found a little to be happy about....not much, but a little.

I have to admit it was great to not have to worry about strollers, or diapers....we didn't have to stop every 10 minutes for a churro, water, or a hat...or a magic trick...or the bathroom every ten minutes. I didn't even carry a purse.

I found a cup to match my shirt...pure picture perfect...I forced Trey to take the picture...

So until we can save up enough cans to get in again, farewell Disneyland.
...we left enough money there to support a small country, but we loved it.


  1. Looks like y'all had a fabulous time. Never have been to Disney land but have been to Disney World twicw but never with the kids when they were older.

    Love the Mad Hatter Pics.

  2. The Happiest Place on Earth! Haven't been in WAY too long...the kids (all adults) want me to go in my scooter so we can get special service. See, knew I'd be good for something. Glad you had a FABULOUS time!! And I can so hear you say, "Look, this matches my outfit!" Love it!

  3. I was so happy to see the actual Donna out from behind her throne. You are a darling youngster in heart and mind and physical beauty! Seriously. Being Relief Society Pres. hasn't aged you a bit.

    I loved this post b/c it took me back to our family's post-mission trips. I have 4 boys, but we were only able to take one with just our immediate family. It was the best.

    I LOVE Disneyland, too. And your children are adorable, and your husband is grumpy - I can only say that because I must be married to his grumpy twin who detests D-land. :)

    Thanks again for a great post! Renae

  4. Thanks for the nudge. I have been wanting to suggest a 'total family trip' to Disney (either Land or World) - you have inspired me to try to make it happen. Love the pictures...your family is adorable.


    Isn't it fun to go to Disney Land with older kids? They're adorable. I loved your blog. You're so fun. The link above is blog I thought you'd get a kick from.

  6. I love Disneyland, and there is NOTHING better than having a missionary come home.

    Simply the best.


  7. Oh yes. I always knew your children must be gorgeous. And see? I was right. Of course.

  8. Love the busboy story! Sounds like the kind of thing my family would do.

    I'm with your husband on Disneyland. My mother has taken each of the kids when they are about six. One on one with grandma, beats never with mom. Maybe I'll feel differently when they are all big.

    Your kids are beautiful.