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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

I was bitten by a dog....Part Deux

Thank you so much for your wonderful messages of concern about my dog bite. . I had no idea so many people had also been bitten by dogs. However, I have assembled a team of lawyers, doctors and faith healers (notice I started with lawyers) to help me through this difficult time. I am much better..I am healing.....I am optimistic for a full recovery.

Until this morning.....

Today has been a train wreck. It started with a way too early phone call from my daughter's high school. She was late for a very important meeting, a meeting I knew she meant to be early to. So I flew upstairs to wake her only to act as though we had missed the last boat out of Pompei. I scared her to husband who only minutes before was peacefully sleeping was now chasing me up the stairs thinking someone had been harmed, kidnapped, or killed. Want to imagine his reaction when he found out my insane behavior was precipitated simply by her sleeping in? I turned an unfortunate situation into a Fellini movie. Loud voices, crying, big gestures...I needed a mulligan on this one.

The worst part? I know better.... Again Texas wisdom emerges, "There is no education in the second kick of a mule." And one more time I think, "how could I get this old and still make this mistake?" And one more time I vow to do better.

The only thing to salvage this day is a little exercise, so I set out for my walk, my older daughter offers to go with me. We get about a mile and a half from our house and 2 large dogs come running toward us and our properly leashed dog Sadie - who is now looking like sushi to these dogs - is their target. My daughter grabs Sadie just as these dogs start to attack her. They were acting crazy, jumping on Ashleigh, scratching her back and then they ran like the cowards they are when I got to them. I am thinking.....this is happening again? So I went into mama grizzly mode, I did everything wrong, I ran at them screaming and flailing my arms. I don't know who was more surprised, the dogs or the 4 men working on the neighbors yard that I didn't see right away. They came around the corner to check out what was going on. I calmly explained I had recently been bitten by a dog so I was a little sensitive to full on dog attacks. They looked at us for a minute and then went back to what they were doing.

So much for chivalry....big help those guys.....

I chased these stupid dogs back to their yard, the gate was open and of course no one was top it off they were Old English Sheepdogs. Think the Disney move "The Shaggy Dog". Hardly vicious dogs. The whole time I am thinking I was bitten by a dog who reached back to some kind of primal purpose and tried to gather me back to the herd and these dogs think Sadie is a sheep? She's a Shihz Tzu!! These stupid dogs tore my daughter's t-shirt, her favorite sleeping shirt, and I haven't seen Sadie since we got home.

Post traumatic walking disorder......I need deep psychological help. Will I ever walk again? Will Sadie ever come out from under the bed? Will Ashleigh recover from losing her favorite sleeping shirt?

Stay tuned.


  1. Maybe you should start carrying pepper spray!!! Or an umbrella - you open it when attacks are impending and surprise them.

  2. All I could think while I was reading this was: "Where-in-the name-of-all-that-is-holy-do-you-live-for crying-out-loud!!"
    That is one scary place where dogs attack everytime you go on a walk - sheesh!! Ha ha
    I think you either need to carry a bullhorn, pepper spray, or a rolling pin! Back dogs Back!

  3. Me thinks you should go on a walk with your Lawyer.

  4. I think you need another dog. I have the perfect pup for you. Part Min Pin part Chihuahua. 8 months old. sweet. Cute. Mostly potty trained.

  5. I mean, this IS high drama! (Some day, I need to learn to proofread.)


  6. Donna...please get a walking stick. I have pepper spray in my truck that's meant for walkers & I will give it to you the next time I see you.
    I can see it now...Donna returning from another walk nightmare...bitten again & smelling like pepper spray...LOL.
    You know I'm just joking.

  7. I have actually gone walking for 2 days without incidence...amazing. It's too hot for anyone to mess with me, even dogs. Can I just throw one of my weights at them?

  8. I think you should really consider Claudia’s suggestion. Bringing pepper spray or bear spray would be smart every time you’re out walking. A heavy duty walking stick is also an option. It is not a weapon to harm any dog, but it is enough to keep them away. However, knowing what you’ve been through before the latest dog attack, I understand why you acted that way. I hope you’re over the trauma by now, Donna.