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Sunday, July 24, 2011

What Do You Think?

Imagine my surprise when I looked all over for the dog, only to find him standing in a pot we filled with water for the birds and rabbits. He stayed in there long enough for me to find my camera and take a picture. Then I discovered I hadn't put a card in the camera.. So I run to find the picture card, put it in the camera, go back to where Hudson is and take his picture. That's how hot it is....he stayed in there....posing...until I got the whole thing together.

Just some thoughts...

DMVs are the same all over. I went with my son to the DMV in Utah, (hooray in-state tuition!). He told me he had been there 3 times trying to get a drivers license. Each time he went home dejected and brokenhearted because he needed yet one more piece of paper proving he was who he was. But this time we were so hopeful...he had a birth certificate, passport, social security card, paycheck stub, and a letter addressed to him at the address he claims is his.. We went in and sat down.......we were the only ones in the whole DMV, I am not kidding, the only ones. There were three women working, none of them doing imagine our surprise when over a loud speaker we hear,

"serving number 300 at window number 2"

Number 300? At window number 2? This is how badly we wanted that drivers license, we did not laugh, we did not make fun....and we were nearly injured attempting to hold in our sarcasm.

The woman behind window number 2 sat up straight and looked right at son looked at me like we were in a Fellini movie. I told him to go break a leg....he didn't have his old license because it was stolen along with his wallet....the woman working behind window number 2 had to conference with the other DMV employees as to whether or not he should get a new license without a thorough investigation. For some reason, they went ahead and gave him the driver's license. Score!! Painful process but all done.

Why is barbeque sauce different all over the country, but bureaucracy is exactly the same no matter where you go?

Speaking of bureaucracy, I am officially tired of the Washington debate, which is what they call the mess they have made. I used to like all the trees and it is just a city filled with people doing everything they can to stay there, at my expense, just doing stuff to help them. Sorry....really tired. And btw to the note taker at my local Senators office who was so rude to me over the phone...that was a mistake.

Football lock out? Stop it guys.....Now. I read the other day that 79 per cent of America watches football...that means 180 million people want the lock out to end. Who seriously wants to tick off 180 million people? I get nervous when a magazine tells me I only have 4 issues left.....I don't like to make anyone angry. So pretend everything isn't about money and fix it.

Note to self, the low fuel light is not a suggestion. The computer in the car isn't trying for a spot at a comedy will run out of gas, near your home, at a busy intersection, during lunch time, where everyone you know will drive by.....oh, wait that happened.

Thanks Lori for saving the day.

I have discovered something about green smoothies, after months of drinking those lucious, amazing drinks, my nails grew. Seriously, they grew. Which means my bones must be better, and that lessens the chance of a hump. Really good news. You really cannot taste the spinach...note, don't tell your kids there is spinach in the can be a deal breaker.

Wisdom for the week? Be nice to someone who isn't nice to you.....It looks good and it's the worst thing you can do to a mean person.



  1. You are TOO funny, and the humor hides such wisdom! Thank you again, Good Neighbor Donna! btw- the doggie picture didn't show up, could you post that again?

  2. Oh, Donna! I am about to pee my pants laughing! Sorry, some of this stuff is so serious it is NOT funny, e.g. our government situation and bureaucracy. But, I can absolutely relate to the low fuel story and I hate the DMV! I couldn't see the photo, but I tell you standing in water here is only barely cool... it is getting bath warm! Bring on the cool breezes, please! Take care. blessings ~ tanna

  3. I love reading your posts! They are so funny and refreshing!

  4. Government jobs - the only place where you can do your worst imitation of a good job and still be rewarded with a paycheck AND amazing benefits. I woke up feeling crabby this morning, and I find I'm in good company. Must be the heat.

  5. Great post!

    I am looking forward to starting my green smoothies when I get home from the beach house.

    And I agree about the DMV, the government, and football.


  6. Donna I just love you! You always make me smile, and help me to see life can make you laugh if you let it!!!!

  7. 1: Cutest dog ever. 2: The DMV in Las Vegas is where they wouldn't give me a license b/c my MARRIED name wasn't on my BIRTH CERTIFICATE. 3: NO patience left for politicians. You go get 'em, Donna! 4: No opinion on football, a sad fact that I'm sure has my father virtually ACROBATIC in his grave. 5: Note to ME: You may thoroughly disagree with the 25 mph speed limit on Gramd Teton, but when you're busy being cited and you bishop and all his family drive by and wave you'll have no one to blame but yourself. 6: You're right: Nice throws 'em every time.

  8. making a game out of being nice to mean people, is the best!
    i've found some of the best people watching at the dmv---but oh, how i hate going through the torture they put you through.

  9. Oh, oh, DeNae, United Airlines wouldn't let me board because my birth certificate didn't have my married name either. (before the days of passports) That is so absolutely ridiculous. The DMV is just a cesspool for idiots. (I don't care who you are or how long you've worked there, other people. These are the dumbest people alive next to the politicians in DC.) The dog is priceless and so patient. I laughed and laughed at everything on your post. Now I have a headache.

  10. I also am sooo sick of hearing about all the absolute crap going on in Washington. It is ridiculous. Enough said.

    I have never had a green smoothie? Hhhmmmm

    Being nice to mean people is the only way to go but I still make a practice of being nice to them from at least 2 arms length away :-D

  11. P.S. The dog looks soooo cute - That dog just needs his suit, he wants to go swimming!

  12. That is the cutest thing with the dog...I think you should get him his own little swimming pool! The DMV is so frustrating..I am due there this week, not excited at all! ;D

  13. I kaughed out loud with this post. The DMV thing? SHeesh. It is a total power trip for those functionaries.

  14. Oh, yeah!! That was worth the trip back to see! Bless his heart!! It is SO hot! LOL! Great photo!! blessings ~ tanna