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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Spring over

My adorable kids came home from college for the week, along with Mikey's roommate Brad.
We didn't do much of anything....and yet it was a great week. There was a lot of catch up stuff....Emma's old glasses were from 6th grade, her phone was broken and she needed socks.
So we found some great glasses, killer socks and great news!! The phone only needed a new memory card.

Mikey had to get a MRI on both shoulders and then hope the news from the doctor was good. So one day he had an MRI on one shoulder, and another day, the other shoulder....and then another appointment for the doctor. Turns out he has some extra bone....nothing another cortisone shot....and one day he can have surgery if he wants....I wish I had the picture Emma took of him getting the cortisone shot....

One day they snuck into the pool at Hard Rock.

They watched basketball endlessly.

Mikey helped me load dirt and mulch into the back of the truck for spring time planting....twice.

Emma helped Ashleigh time runners at a track meet.....

And they slept a lot...

Emma and I went to the beauty shop one day to get some girl stuff done and then we went and bought a lot of candy.....

Sunday we set the table with all the good stuff....china, silver, centerpiece and everything (why didn't I take a picture?) Then we had a delicious dinner with Betsey and Richard. Their son Matt is on a mission in Mexico and he played football with Mikey and Brad....we just sat around the table and talked about everything and nothing....and ate ourselves silly.

We ate a lot of pizza....and I think Mikey and Brad got 'Canes (a local fastfood place) every night no matter how much we fed them.

We went to the temple one day and got amazing Mexican food on the way home at our favorite Mexican supermarket. Mikey loves to order everything in Spanish...

Raymond and Mikey went shopping and bonding....

Allergies killed us and our energy....the weather went from good to great to cold...

It was a nothing special week....except all my children were home. And nothing is better than that.


  1. I agree. Having all of your children home together is an automatic perfect week.


  2. Hi I’m Heather! Please email me when you get a chance! I have a question about your blog. HeatherVonsj(at)gmail(dot)com

  3. I would most definately have to agree that nothing NOTHING is better than having the kids home!!!

  4. I love your family! Sounds like a good time as always!

  5. I used to love those home from college for the week days. I loved the commotion and noise and activity. My husband would retreat to his office, but the kids and I would stay up and talk and eat and talk some more. I miss that. I'm so glad you were able to enjoy it all!

  6. I so agree Donna, nothing better than that...and so good for them too, to be able to come home and recharge their batteries! Nothing like family. :)