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Thursday, April 12, 2012

It's not about what you think it's about....

This whole thing about whether women are really working is not about what the media is making it about. 

This is just about contention.....the adversary knows exactly how to push our buttons...and we fall for it every time.  All day we have been mad, defensive and argumentative.  And I feel awful.

Do you need to defend any righteous choice you have ever made? 


So whether your journey is working at home or working outside your home....we are all still working.  And supporting hopefully each other. 

Don't let the adversary win....he is not only the father of lies, he is the father of contention.  The Savior was very clear, "let there be no contention among you".   He said that for a reason...He knew we would subjected to trials of every kind on earth and He wanted to warn us...

Regardless of what religion you belong to, or what higher power you listen to.....that advice would be the same.  Let there be no contention among you

As women we know a whole lot.  We have a PhD in life....we don't need to be a CEO to get it, we don't need to punch a clock or invent a new widget....we don't have to discover a cure, a new land or facilitate a Middle Eastern peace treaty, we don't have to change diapers or scrub toilets to know.....we don't have to be anything but a woman to know.  And we know most things just because.....because we are women.  CEO's scrub toilets and change diapers....SAHM (I learned that today thank you twitter) invent products and write books....we are powerful!

So if anyone tries to minimize you....give them the Braveheart speech and remember who you really are.


  1. Funny you should bring this up. I was out with some of my family tonight and said one of the funniest things about election campaigns is all the reaching to find controversy. It's silly and demeaning to those of us they are peddaling this tripe to.

  2. Great post!! I have four jobs....wife and mother are the first two and the highest on my priority list, and I work part time for Michael's craft store and part time for an event planner. Mostly I have kept a small job to help pay for my girls tuitions. You know what burns me...I pay taxes via my paycheck... then we pay taxes for nasty Baltimore city public schools....and we pay tuitions for our own children to get a good education .. but they are not tax deductable. In maryland a good education is a luxury. Sorry.. i got off

  3. Love, love, love this Donna. You are a wise woman!!!

  4. My wife has taken abuse from working women at Church of all places for being a stay at home mom. They felt she was wasting her life. That aint the only place but we were kinda surprised.

  5. I agree. It seems as though the point of so much of this dialogue is to create controversy so that people will continue to tune in to the news, or read the newspaper, to see what the latest controversy is, instead of just reporting on events that actually have happened. I think that is a result of 24 hour news coverage. If there's not enough to report on, stories are created by stirring up controversy, instead of reporting on positive things happening in the world, which just don't seem newsworthy enough to report on. We definitely need to support each other, and not be divided!

  6. I LOVE how you say we have a PhD in life. Perfect.

  7. That's what I loved about Ann Romney's response to criticism: it was intelligent and classy.

  8. Spot on Donna. I too loved Ann's response. She was classy about the whole thing.

    I don't watch the news any is too depressing and exhausting and I have enough of that in real life. So I didn't see the clip until it so many people were up in arms on facebook. When I watched it...I laughed. It was FUNNY to me because she so obviously didn't GET IT. It's sad really.

  9. So true. I battle the contention monster nearly every day, whether it's between a couple of my kids...or wrestling my own heart into submission.

    Hey, I have good news! You won painting #3 on my blog! (I loved your story, by the way!) Stop by to claim your prize, and then email me your mailing address when you get a chance: janaparkin_at_gmail_dot_com. Congratulations!