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Monday, September 3, 2012

This wasn't the blog I was planning to just happened

Ok, this isn't the blog I was planning to write, this is one that I had to write....the one I was planning to write I still will, but for now this is it.  I hope you come back in a few days for the one I was planning to write. But for now, what are your thoughts about this?

Have you ever been in a situation where you needed a quick rejoinder and it didn't come until you were standing in the shower a day later?   Why does that happen?  Why can't we be quick and ready for the comeback just like any character in an Aaron Sorkin script?  I love his comebacks...they are as smooth as Cary Grant, witty as Hugh Grant and intelligent, who is intelligent any more without a writer? I am certain that in today's political scene so many get caught in a lie because they think if they say anything it is better than saying nothing...uh wrong.  If you have nothing to say then use my dad's best weapon, the stare.  It would have leveled Chris Matthews.  Say nothing and stare...I love it.  Stares don't can't spin a stare.  Just lower your eyes a bit and fasten in on the opponent...and don't stop.  You will never lose.

Living through the politics of last week and now this week make us eligible for some kind of merit badge.   But I would make one of the qualifications for this badge having to attend the morning spin meeting of ALL the politicians...(that's right kids this is a non partisan blog - all of the politicians are guilty of everything I am about to list)

The spin meetings go a bit like this...a gavel strikes the desk (there must always be a gavel, every politician loves a gavel) and the meeting is called to order.
Chairman or chief talking point guy....."Ok here are your talking not try to get cute and go off script.  We are not hiring you for your opinion, only for your just say what we tell you to say.  Now Buffy and Todd went off script yesterday so they have to go back on the morning shows today, and with a straight face tell America they didn't say what we heard them say yesterday.  As soon as you tell America you didn't say what they heard you say but this is what I really did say, they will believe you......because they are STUPID."

Stupid?   I think when someone says something one day and then tells me the next day they didn't say what they said I might notice.

After all we do have fact checkers, right?

 But then I heard George Will say the fact checkers are not factual.

America!  What are we to do?

It doesn't matter who you listen to, it is no longer news,  it is someone's opinion.  And opinions are like...well I can't really say and maintain my lady like demeanor.

Bill Clinton, Clint Eastwood, Sandra Fluke, and Chris Christie.....who are they to my life?  I mean really...
I feel badly that the Democrats think they need Bill Clinton to close a deal.  I feel terrible that Clint Eastwood made fun of a process that should have some dignity, I do not want to pay for Sandra's birth control...and I am more than a little bugged that she is insisting that a Catholic University should be made to alter their beliefs.  All  for a prescription she could easily get at Wal-Mart for the price of a couple of six packs.  Chris Christie to me was auditioning for 2016, I don't think he even likes Romney.  And how could Obama and Clinton like each other?  Yet there they are...all of them standing together after beating each others brains in not that long ago.  Smiling and pretending...Pretending and smiling. And here we are, treading water until all this is finally over.  Red states, light blue states, pink states, yellow states....

So where do we go now?  How do we make an informed decision when everyone is telling us something different on any given day?

Just put a wet finger in the air.....that is about as knowledgeable as you need to be.

I was in a "how to make and take a poll" class in college.  My professor was a brilliant political scientist who told us unequivocally that a poll can say anything you want it to say.  And it always leans toward the group who pays for it.  No big surprise there.  So I never believe polls, sort of like a butcher never eats his own sausage.  I listened to Tom Friedman yesterday talk about abortion...he said that the Republican platform was extreme in that there are no exceptions for abortions.  I think that particular plank is odd too. How can there never be an exception?  But yet for the last 30 years that plank has been there.  It is supposed to show that Republicans are pro life.  That's how you do it?  But here is the kicker...wait for it.  Tom goes on and on about how this proves Republicans are extremists in that they won't support an exception rule.  Yet when he is confronted with an equally extreme Democratic plank that calls for abortions at any time, including partial birth, third trimester and babies born alive, he doesn't even blink...he says, "I am a planned parenthood democrat and I support the democratic platform.".  If you are to ask me which social issue is my hot button it is abortion, so I have given this a lot of thought.  I know there are situations, such as rape, incest and health of the mother where women should be able to prayerfully make a choice against continuing a pregnancy.  However out of the thousands of abortions that occur, statistically, very few fall under those 3 exceptions.  As for partial birth abortions, and babies born alive, Caligula would be shocked.  I remember a nurse contacting a friend of mine who is a deputy district attorney to report  having to watch a baby die that was born alive from an abortion.  She was ordered by the doctor to put the baby in the next room, unattended,  to simply die.  My DA friend tried to do something about it, but was stopped with this logic, it was legal. According to the law the baby was not a baby, it was an abortion.  Legal? Yep.  Sorry Tom Friedman, you are wrong on this one.  And planned parenthood?....the first 4 topics on their web page are abortion, birth control, morning after pill and sexually transmitted diseases. My mother was an advocate of abortion because she watched a friend in the early 60's die from a botched abortion.  She never wanted that to happen to anyone again.  She thought I was extremist. But  I think this is how decisions come together.  We get together in a room and present our ideas.   All or nothing is hardly how any platform should be on any plank  We come together, we reason together and then we have a consensus.  I still live by the credo that if everyone goes away a little unhappy then the fairest thing probably occurred. 

When the jobs numbers come out next Friday think any Republican working for the cause of electing Romney will be happy if they show more Americans have gone back to work?  Sadly I don't.  There is not one sticking point in this election because no matter what is said someone comes out to spin it in their favor.  The campaigns don't seem to care about Americans, just winning...beating the other guy.

Just winning.  And are we all going to lose?  There are 23 million Americans out of work, probably many more than that.  Half of America is on some kind of government aid, and if you think it isn't the easiest thing in the world to get unemployment insurance think again.  My son's company downsized, he lost his job and applied for unemployment.  It was all done online with no accountability at all.  There was no line to stand in, no person to face.....nothing.  It was a very happy day when it was over and he was working. Even though as a college graduate he is working 2 part time jobs, neither in his field.

However even with all this being said, I am not pessimistic.  I believe in America.  I believe that no matter who is elected we will rise up and fix the problems ourselves.  We will start businesses and invent things, we will figure it out.  I believe this country is the greatest country, with the greatest form of government on earth.  A good friend of mine listened to my rant one day and then said to me, "Donna when this is over (meaning the election) we will all be fine."  I think so too...We need to have differences and then agree to disagree.  I hope we can appreciate our differences and understand that nothing works when we all look at the picture the same way.  That is why there are 9 justices, 3 branches of government....yin and yang.....back and tyranny, no Castro or Chavez.

There has to be someone to tell us when we aren't wearing any clothes.

And I am always happy to do it.....


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  2. It is so hard to sort out the actual political stances of ANYONE when all the talking heads go on and on about what they "meant when they said that" or "what they said before about that" or "what we think they were thinking when they said that" nauseum. And most campaigns resort to flinging mud at the end. I think it is criminal the amount of money invested in this process - especially in our current economy! Someone will win, and someone will lose, and all that money was tossed to the wind. Maybe they should look into limits on money raised per candidate...All I know is wherever you stand, whoever you support ~ PLEASE try to get all the facts, add prays for discernment, and vote with your HEAD as well as your HEART!!

  3. Politics can be a very ugly process. That's unfortunate.

    "So where do we go now? How do we make an informed decision when everyone is telling us something different on any given day?"

    We've got two very different candidates with very different ideas of how things ought to be dealt with. The choice shouldn't be hard. They are polar opposites.

    Look at their lives. Who are their friends? What are they about?
    Who's about freedom? Who's about Government. Who's more secretive? Who's more open?

    You are right...can't trust polls, not talking points, not the reported news and not even the fact checks.
    So now what?
    Will we really be all right, no matter what, after the election?
    I disagree with you & your friend on that point.
    Without the freedom to do what we do best in America, this is not something we will be able to fix ourselves. When you have a president vowing to take executive order, somebody with this kind of power who ignores the constitution, who sues governors of states like Arizona for simply trying to enforce the law, who has an administration of cover ups ( fast & furious) who is so concerned with an opponents taxes but pays no concern to the fact that his own treasury secretary didn't even file...honestly, the choice could not be easier!

    Regardless of what some may say, This IS the most important election of our lifetime. And the stakes couldn't be higher!

    Let's not forget...we are now 13 million dollars in debt. A country in this state with no plans to quit spending, is not a country of freedom.
    And which candidate told Medvedev during a MISSILE DEFENSE TALK, that he'll have 'more flexibility' after the election, when he thought the microphone was off. Holy...(I really want to say Hell, can I say Hell?)

    Abortion is a hot topic for me as well. No matter what a person's views, our money, through taxes, should not be going to subsidize this organization. If it's such a great thing then it should be privately funded. Unfortunately for them, it is typically those registered republican who are willing to actually reach into their pockets for charitable and other worthy organizations, and this is not one they would categorize as such--so we are all forced through taxation to support this atrocity. (3,322 abortions performed per day in the United States, alone!)
    Also worth noting, Romney donated well over 13% to charity--Obama 1%. A fact that can actually be verified- per their income tax releases.

    Maybe the most honest candidate in the next debate can use your dads stare tactic. I'd really like to see that. I'll bet it proves to be effective.

  4. sorry that was really long--and it's 13 TRILLION, not million....13 TRILLION dollars in debt! yeah, slight difference there. (sarcasm)

  5. I must say that I agree with Pedaling. We have a clear choice. I just went to see Obama's America. What our president believes is truly frightening. I am going to continue to be on my knees regarding our country. God is not neutral when it comes to our freedom. HE founded this country. HE used good men to do so. May God bless us and the USA.

  6. I agree with you in that, for many issues, there is no perfect answer that will leave everyone happy. And I'm fine agreeing to disagree. But I expect my opinion to be respected (even if disagreed with) just like I would respect anyone else's opinion. We don't have to completely and crazily agree all the time. Sometimes I'll hear an opposing opinion, and it makes me think, and many times revise, my own thoughts. What makes me sad is the viciousness of how people disagree. Yes, it comes from all sides, sadly. For example, just because I do not agree with abortions handed out freely and without conscience doesn't mean that I don't think that women, in some stressful circumstances, shouldn't be given a choice. It doesn't mean I hate women, and it's ridiculous to make wild accusations like that. Just because I like the idea of a lively business culture, doesn't mean I only like rich people and hate the poor. How silly. What I don't like is people being made to think they are victims, and being encouraged to think that to try to succeed is impossible. It makes me very sad and very worried. We all must - and should - vote in a way that we are proud of our choices, but we don't have to agree on every issue. We just need more courtesy and respect, better listening ears, more prayer (if you're so inclined), and more kindness. A tall order, but I think most of us are up to it.

  7. Obama is in my town right now. I heard his wife spewing her words of what makes America great. I heard they have decided to drop God from their platform. Not that there were much resemblance to any efforts to embrace Him anyways.It is a sad day.

  8. It's enough to drive you crazy, isn't it?

    I just wish the discourse were more civil and that what politicians really talked about were the issues and the different ways of viewing how government should serve us. I just don't like the vitriol.


  9. That was too funny what you said about the democrats thinking they need Bill Clinton to seal the deal. I was thinking something similar when I heard him speak this week. Really? After what all his lies put us through and now we are suppose to believe him?? But I also must say, he's a great speaker. Like you say, smile and pretend.

  10. I really like your blog. Let me say I'm an Independent with a slight liberal slant to my view on politics. I don't like that the Democrats felt they even needed Clinton at their convention. Nor did I like the ramblings of Clint Eastwood. His skit didn't make sense at first.

    Politics in my opinion is filled with half truths on both side, and a whole lot of propaganda. We as voters are more likely to fall for the trash side of politics rather than the truth. At least that is the feeling I get when I look on social media, and yest I have been guilty of some of it. That is until someone showed me the link, now I check the source before I post anything political. I haven't decided which way I'll vote, but you can be sure I'll do my homework before stepping up too the ballot box.

    I do wish the politicians would really discuss the issues and not cloud the debate with other nonsense like the wardrobes of the first lady, and Ann Romney, or how many trips the first lady took. Stick to the issues, and you have my interest and maybe my vote. I also don't like how the Republicans decide what a women can or cannot do with her body. Let the woman decide, and keep government out of it. Abortion isn't for me, but I'm not going to judge another women.

    1. I am so happy that we can have civil discourse, it is the best part. I learn so much from other people...I try not to surround myself with too many like minded people, keeps me thinking!!