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Monday, February 10, 2014

Just another regular day in Las Vegas at the Linq

I live in a place where unusual things are commonplace.  For instance we were recently having lunch at the Sugar Factory inside the Paris when across the street .....

 The water show started at the Bellagio....just another lunch....just another day.

When I was invited to tour "The Linq" I couldn't wait to go.  The fabulous Tabitha Fiddyment counsel for the Linq has been working on this project for a long, long time.  Love her, love her project.  Don't you love the hats?

It is quite an amazing place, one road (formerly an alley) Filled with shops from everywhere.  From Sprinkles to Hat shops, candy shops, restaurants a bowling alley and every other unusual and fun shop you could imagine.  All on this redesigned, saved from ugly, space. It was a delivery alley between 2 hotels...genius!!

Ray Ray loves construction sights!!

And it all leads to the largest ferris wheel in the world. In the world!!   Look at that pod!!  Each pod holds 40 people and there are 22 pods. (how many times can you say pod in one sentence?) The ride lasts 30 about minutes and will run 16 hours a day.  About $30 a ride they are secure their investment will work out....

Back to the car past the the Flamingo....

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