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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

The Last Five Pounds..

I just read an article about losing that pesky last 5 pounds.  They included all kinds of great tips on how to finally cross the finish line.  I did what I always do when faced with these articles, got depressed.  And then it hit me!  I have been doing this all wrong, I have been trying to lose the first 5 pounds.  How crazy!!

I am convinced I must change my strategy to "start" with the last 5 pounds.

Because I am a professional dieter...I know we are supposed to lose weight in increments.  We shouldn't think about the whole number, but set manageable goals.

So isn't this a brilliant goal?  Starting with the last 5 pounds, which seems to be such a burden and the hardest.

I know, right?

I am totally on to something, and I can form a kind of a solidarity with all my successful dieter friends.  I no longer have to simply chat about diets with my heavier friends.  I can commiserate with my thin friends about the burden of trying to lose the last 5 pounds.  The influence of being a part of the successful loser groups as opposed to the struggling loser groups is mentally
fulfilling.  I usually start a diet thinking I won't win.  This way I begin as a winner...I am only 5 pounds away from my goal!!  I love it!!


Evidently you can lose weight in pounds or kg's
how much is a kg?

It's 2 weeks until my birthday and as a gift to me I am going to lose those last 5 pesky, pounds.

Yeah Me!!!

 Then I will lose the last 10 pounds.....

 Then the last 15 pounds!!

I can't find one for the last 20, or 30, or 40.....I will just wing it from there.


  1. Sounds like a plan to me! Why not?

  2. I know. It's hard. I've been saying that to my running buddies for two years now. I'm going to get these 5 pounds off. Five pounds that found me and my metabolism the last few years. Oh well.

  3. You go girl. The metabolism and excuses sneaked on so many first five pounds that I know the frustrations too. All the sneaky tricks like using smaller plates make me do a guffaw snort. It's not what you put on that smaller plate, it's really what you move from that plate to mouth that counts. In 2 months, I've lost 22 pounds by eating less and working out. Who knew!

  4. I love this! A great idea.I think I'll jump on the band wagon with you. Why save the best for last.Might as well get right to it NOW!

  5. I've been too busy working on my 1st $million. I have a feeling that it will also be my Last.

  6. Very funny - I love this idea! I will like to lose the last five pounds with you!

  7. haha

    Thanks for the chuckle. I think I'll join you!