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Wednesday, November 5, 2014

A Tribute to the Family

My Girls at Thanksgiving

After a football game 
 Wordless Wednesday is a treat.  I never thought my life would include such incredible people.  I love them so very, very much.
Football and Cheer

worlds silliest dog - Hudson

Trey and Ashleigh - I love my kids

Christmas Dinner

Trey in Costa Rica on his mission

Raymond and Emma after a football game

The infamous Shrimp and pesto Pizza

Some of Ray Ray's Work

Raymond and Mikey

High School Emma as the Queen!!

After the temple

My beautiful friends!!

Love these women


High School Emma 

Sadie and Hudson


  1. Love these photos! What a beautiful family -- um, and pizza!

  2. I love seeing happy and loving families. And Hudson, love that name for a dog, and Sadie are so sweet too! I'm with Lois, the pizza looks divine. YUM

  3. So cool to take a step back and, in awe, look at those that fill our lives! So glad to meet your tribe (puppies included)!

  4. You do have one of the coolest families on the planet.

  5. What a beautiful photo walk through love and a blessed life!