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Saturday, November 22, 2014

Coyote Beautiful

Our neighborhood is changing...lots of new homes being built.  And while I am happy for the new folks who will be joining us I am going to miss the things that have made this neighborhood so interesting.  We have coveys of quail and an Owl, roadrunners that come and go, but always checking in when they come back, once coming right in the house!  Since we have lived here we have seen foxes and bighorn sheep, snakes and tarantulas.

Out of all the animals I have seen here the coyote is still my favorite.  I feel like they are a real representation of the wild west...and up to now our neighborhood has felt that way.

Imagine our surprise when we saw a coyote running down Egan Crest....

He stopped at the stop sign, looked both ways, and then turned right on Tropical. He was really moving fast, but well under the speed limit.

We are happy to report that the coyotes in our area are law abiding, upstanding citizens.


  1. Wow, they are gorgeous. Too bad they eat small pets, right?

  2. They still come into our neighborhood. I love hearing them in the distance celebrating the rodent they have found, always in the wee hours. And I agree, there is something wild west about them. They are so beautiful.

  3. Not so sure I am as excited about them as you. They are starting to show up here.