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Friday, January 30, 2015

My thought for today....

A dear friend came by the other day, completely inconsolable.  She had a problem that was taking up all of her time and thinking. She was obsessed with it.  After listening for a while I asked her why she was so angry?

She explained, that although some of the fault for the problem was hers, the bulk of the blame had to go to someone else.

She was surprised at what I told her.

"Forgive them, when you do, the anger dissipates and the solutions will come.  Anger darkens your mind so much you cannot "see" how to proceed correctly.  Your anger will keep you from the answers you need.  And the best way to forgive someone is to be grateful...they go hand in hand.  Be grateful and you can forgive, forgive,  and you will see all your blessings, gifts and opportunities.  The solutions are there....but you need light to see them, and your anger has made that impossible."

Forgiveness clears you to see your preferred path.

Because gratitude gives forgiveness a place to grow.

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