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Monday, July 17, 2017

My Side Of The Bed

Yesterday I glanced at the table next to my bed and realized I was seconds away from an OSHA fine. There were books everywhere, on top, underneath, and the shelf in between, books I didn't even know were there. Since "the" surgery my attention span has diminished to that of a tweet. About 140 characters. I seem to be able to comfortably do a few minutes of scrolling on Facebook or Instagram, check the news on Twitter, then I deem myself informed and well read.

So much for reading a book, I'm like the pilot on Top Gun who admitted in that most dramatic scene, "I've lost the edge"

The confusion on my bedside table had to be cleaned and organized so I gathered and stacked. Then I took a moment to analyze because the books were like an archeological dig representing the last 7 months.

Some self-help books.
Some informational books
Some "good feeling" books
Books from friends
Books written by friends
Books for work
My favorite book.....

So many people brought books to me because, well, I love books...but I haven't been reading, just you ever buy books and then forget to read them? Today I am putting an end to that..I am going to start reading again. And I mean more than 140 characters.

I bet some of you have the same problem....admit it, you spend so much time on facebook, twitter, and Instagram and who knows what other social media sites that you have also forgotten how to read an actual book. So here are some wonderful suggestions My dear friend Carol Cassara put together a great summer reading list that I ordered several books from. Click on her name for ideas of great books.  From the books on my bedside table notice Midlife Cabernet written by my great good friend Elaine Ambrose, I highly recommend it.  There's a book from Tony Robbins Patti suggested, a book from Anne Lamott from Ann. The Jan Karon books are favorites of Connie, and then the books I ordered in the night - a cardiac book and a what to eat book...also how about the "younger next year"book?...Peggy Noonan, because well, it's Peggy Noonan and several work books....

We truly overuse social media, so join me while I cut back some and read more....

In no time at all we will be decorating for the holidays and won't have the time, so I am sending you to your room....Go read!!


  1. The stack of book on my bedside table say so much about me!
    Now go and read, my friend, go and read!

    1. I am reading your book right now, and then I am going to write a review of it for our local Deseret Book on my blog. Carol Cassara told me about you....Love it

  2. I so agree about overusing social media. It's been difficult for me to read since March and even more difficult to write for a few years--I hope because my vision was going loco, so I used FB way too much.
    Last week I couldn't and I was so much happier. Now if I can stay from politics on FB I will be content.

  3. When I realize I haven't written any fiction lately, it follows that I haven't read any either. Reading can do so much, but mostly, its ability to take you away, I'm realizing is also good for the imagination. Happy reading!

  4. Yes, yes, yes. I have stacks and stacks of books and Magazines everywhere, and a few months ago I made the decision to read more books! I admit to spending much too much time on social media. It is important to what I do, but I've gone way overboard!

  5. I also have stacks on my nightstand with no good excuse! Plus, I have tons on my Kindle. Somehow I find the presence of all these books soothing.

  6. OMG, you bought MORE from my list? LOL Well, they are good. And my bedside table looks the same. Thank you, sugar!

  7. YES! I have SOOOO many books. I can totally relate to this.

  8. My house pretty much looks like a bookstore yet I totally relate to what you're saying - too much social media, too little reading time.

  9. Gosh, that's so true. I have several books that I've gotten half way through. Now, I'm motivated to go finish them! Thank you!

  10. I love Jan Karon's books. Makes me want to move to their little town. It takes me months to read a book now days, what with my social media addiction and all.