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Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Tallulah! Get out the Butt Kicking Machine!

Pass the popcorn - It's showtime!!

Have you ever seen the woman running from the monster-bad guy-flooding waters-dinosaurs and always in high heels? If that isn't odd enough, she is always eaten-killed-drowned or disposed of in some tragic way or another. That's me!

These images of calamities are symbolic of my own bad health habits. These habits are threatening to destroy my goal of "aging gracefully." I have never minded getting older and believe aging is a blessing. I know because I almost died.

In the fall of 2016, I needed emergency surgery to repair my failing aorta. I've been told by medical professionals that my survival was a miracle. That statement is humbling and it challenges me to live with purpose. 

For whatever reason I was spared, I should prize my health as never before; but I haven't been able to push through the fatigue to get better. You see I view my energy as a bank deposit. I have this much energy, and I can either deposit it in a work account or in an exercise account. Since I must work, I have been putting all my energy in the business account and very little in the exercise account.

The effects of that decision have led me to a negative place. In the last 18 months, I have aged badly. And that aging has come in the form of high blood pressure, even more extra weight, fatigue and an overall feeling of despondency and discouragement. My legs hurt most of the time, I have almost no balance, and I don't want to do anything in addition to my heavy work load. But if I don't do something to change the trajectory of my life, I have very little to look forward to, and there is still so much I still want to do.

My doctors are quite brilliant, and they have done a great job keeping me alive, but I don't want to just be alive....I want adventure!!

This is where my grandmother Minnie would say, "Tallulah! (her occasional nickname for me when I annoyed her) it's time to get the butt-kicking machine out and fix this mess!"

But how?

I always say every miracle starts with a problem....

I think I have found the miracle I need, and I want to share it with you. My production won't involve too many monsters or floods, and I'm inviting you to grab some popcorn and come along for the show.



  1. Well my dear, I'll look forward to hearing about your journey! I always enjoy a good butt-kickin... However, I might suggest that shame rarely leads to change that can be maintained (now I sound like a therapist, I know...). So whatever kickin goes on, I hope it's performed with compassion and sounds like some new needed motivation! hugs to you

  2. I hope you start to feel better and take more time for your own self-care. You may want to try something like yoga to relax and stretch.