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Saturday, July 28, 2018

The Wall Ball, the Kettle Bell, a Focus Group and Me

It's fun to have so many people following my wellness journey, the support and interest have been wonderful. I admit the road has been filled with challenges and changes, but I learn something new every day. Changing the way I think and speak about wellness has not been easy but I am determined to change.
What I do know is it doesn't matter how much I can do, it only matters that I keep doing what I can and the results will follow. This week was easier because I have seen improvement, and improvement  (no matter how small) gives me hope.
  • Last Sunday night I realized I wasn't as tired as usual. Tremendous fatigue has plagued me since my surgery so the extra energy is easy to feel.
  • My knee doesn't hurt as much as it did.
  • I move better and faster....I literally walk faster without thinking about it.
  • I inherently know I can do more and now when I have a full day ahead I don't dread it as much as I did.
Also I have something called morning hypertension. My blood pressure is higher in the morning than any other time and it must have contributed to my aortic event. For years I thought my blood pressure was fine because I only took it at the doctors office and not when I first wake up. I started taking my husbands blood pressure when we woke up and I just took mine out of curiosity. It was a shocking discovery, his was fine but mine was pretty high. This morning it was substantially lower, relief!

Another thing I learned about is we all have challenges with exercise and diet.  During the focus group for Biometrix the number one thing the other members stated is without the constant support from the trainers and other staff members they wouldn't be doing what they are doing. We all need accountability and support, and I thought it was just me....

This innocuous item is called a wall ball. my children talk about wall balls all the time, it's no big deal, right? But then I did it.

It's easy he said.

Just pick it up and throw it against the wall while you squat he said.

Piece of cake he said.

I took a deep breath and picked that sucker up and as I threw it against the wall my finger got caught in the little tab on the side causing it to go flying behind me the entire length of the gym. As I chased after it I kept thinking,"this isn't how he showed me, this isn't how he showed me, this isn't how he showed me".

You'll notice I did not put that on my bullet list of improvements.

I have been using the kettle bell this week and it makes me feel like I am spraying incense each time I swing it and each time I swing it I wonder the same thing..."whose idea was this?"

I spent time with the dietician earlier in the week where I mentioned I need more accountability.

"What does that look like to you?" he asked.

"A SEAL team with time on their hands and the ability to restrain me in an enclosed area. They will need guns equipped with night vision in case I attempt to eat what I shouldn't, but only when I'm awake."

"No really"


Food is just a challenge, I eat when I'm hungry, when I'm mad or happy. I eat with friends, alone and with strangers. I eat because I'm bored or I want to avoid something. What can I say? It's a weakness, but weaknesses can become me!

Speaking of sharing and when don't I? What is your favorite healthy snack and best breakfast? Help me write this story...

Ready? Go!!


  1. My new favorite healthy snacks are roasted vegetables and Paleo Valley Beef Sticks. Every week I roast LOTS of fresh vegetables. Squash, Cauliflower, Eggplant, Carrots, Onions(love green onions roasted!), Fennel Root, anything that looks appealing that week. I keep them in a tupperware type container and always have vegetables to snack on. The other healthy snack are these Paleo Valley Beef Sticks. I keep them in my purse, in my desk drawer, in the fridge - I just always have them around. Officially I like the beef best - but the Turkey/Cranberry have almost half the calories so I also buy those. I order about 40 each month and always have a clean healthy protein available while traveling.

  2. I started keto about a month ago, and I've really come to appreciate making food - for really the first time in my life. My favorite breakfast is just simple bacon and eggs with bulletproof coffee (MCT oil, heavy whipping cream, stevia and coffee blended together - i've heard you can also do it with tea but I'm not a huge tea fan). My healthy snack -- I'm baking Shortbread cookies this afternoon with almond flour and adding bacon to half of them and dark stevia-sweetened chocolate to the other half. :)

    1. That sounds amazing!!! Personally any diet that begins with..bacon, is the best diet ever.

  3. If I’m being honest, and I usually am an open book, my favorite snack is a bag of chips. Not that healthy. I try not to have them around the house much knowing that I will Down the whole bag in one sitting. But if I’m being good, I would choosea protien like tuna fish, right out of the can with a little mayo and lots of sweet relish. My other fav when I get it at the store is Snackerfuls (I think that’s the name) which looks like crab but it’s actually Krab. Also, there are these bags of already prepared quinoa at sams club that go great with an avocado! If I prepare this ahead of time, I can stick with it. It’s either that or hire a chef to cook but maybe when my ship comes in. 😜