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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

I love Cheerleaders!

So my daughter, Emma, is a cheerleader. She has been a cheerleader for years, except for a couple of years that she played volleyball. She cheered when she was just 8 and it was just 2 little girls for my son's little guy football. I remember one time when she was about 10 and they were in a competition with cheer teams from all over the valley....they had the cutest routine, and they just nailed it!! It was a moment I remember with my heart....just a fun thing. And then last week, her cheer team went to Reno and won the state championship. How great is that? When the world gets so scary, and life gets so serious......our cheerleaders won state! It gives us something to smile about, and right now we need something to smile about. Go Bulldogs!!

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