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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Murder, Moms and The Book of Mormon Musical...

I am so tired of hearing about the mother in Florida who may or may not have murdered her daughter. I try to avoid it, but because I am interested in the weather, politics and world events I still listen to the news. But it seems this is the way the news works....the temperature in New York according to the Casey Anthony trial is......we can report from the Casey Anthony trial that the Prime minister of Italy is having his problems these days. The stock market brought to you by the Casey Anthony trial, the Republican debates....a break through in medicine....incredible rescues....things so important seem to pale in comparison to a story I don't want to believe even occurred.

I kept all this to myself until I read a blog this morning called Kazzy's Pondering's. In her blog she wrote about how she ran outside, as though she was on fire, to take pictures of hot air balloons as they floated by. And all because she wanted to send the pictures to her missionary in Mexico...because it was a reminder of home. And she wanted him to feel some love from home.

That's the mom I want you to think about. The mom who loves with a fierceness that a tiger would step aside for.

I admit that some of that fierceness came out the other night as I was watching the Tony's...I usually watch the Tony's, but this year I watched with a bit of trepidation. I knew the musical, "The Book of Mormon" was going to win a lot. Out of curiosity I had listened to some of the score on NPR. Some of the songs were so profane I simply clicked it off. But some of the songs were filled with so much mockery and disdain about Mormon missionaries that I found myself feeling that fierceness only reserved for tigers.

Through my blog I have met people from India to North Carolina, from Utah to Mexico, and beyond. My new friends are divergent and because of our differences, so interesting. I have no desire to converse with people who only think as I do. I love finding out how my Hindu friends are coping with life, and my friends in New England, and Indonesia, and Texas, and North Carolina....I have not spoken about my religion much because I live by the adage, "Preach the Gospel every day, and if you have to use words." I think we are our best example...walk the walk of whatever you believe in, that is the best way to show others who you really are.

But since this blog is all about words....I have a few words, a few carefully chosen words, to say about the Book of Mormon musical. However understand that anything I say pales in comparison next to the official statement from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints....

"The production may attempt to entertain audiences for an evening, but the Book of Mormon as a volume of scripture will change people's lives forever by bringing them closer to Christ."

Succinct and to the contention, a completely guileless reaction to a play that sets out to mock a religion, a culture and a people.

These are my thoughts and I take full responsibility for them.

Every play that is nominated presents a song or a part of a scene for the television audience to get a flavor of their whole production. The song the Book of Mormon musical chose to perform was about faith...this Missionary from Salt Lake City was seeing horrible things, but he stilled believed. Because that is what Mormons do..they believe. I am sure I am taking this benign view out of context, but I won't take issue with that. I do believe. And even though the audience snickered when this naive young man believed no matter what I thought, it's true.....I do believe.

This play was not just about Mormons, it was about all people who believe. Don't miss that point.

I want you to see what real Mormon missionaries look like....and they have moms like me.

They also look like this...

This is my beautiful daughter in the middle...a real missionary who believes...

A dear friend of mine came over right before my son was leaving for Costa Rica for two years...he looked at me and just shook his head. He supported what we were doing, but didn't understand it. He said to me, "I understand when parents send away their kids when they are difficult, I don't understand sending away the good ones."

My husband and I did indeed send away some good ones...but they came back better ones. They lived with a different culture for two years. They understand a language and a people completely. They found out what they could do when they only had the Lord to depend on.
This experience has been priceless. My sons were 19 years old..they left college, a job, friends and their family to serve others...all because they believed. And so did my daughter.

I hope some people will be curious after they see the play. I hope they ask questions...we may not be as catchy and flashy as the play...but we'll do.

And if you see a missionary this summer give them a cold drink or a hot dog. They are far from home and would be so grateful for a little love.

There is a professor at Harvard Business School named Clayton Christensen who wrote the most amazing essay about Why he believes...I highly recommend it. You can find it here...


  1. Enjoyed your post, Donna. I'll be glad when the whole Book of Mormon musical thing is past history.

    (And that trial on the news, as well.)


    PS. I loved seeing your missionary pictures and hearing about the testimonies of your children.

  2. You ARE a tiger mom! Your children are a testament to the love and faith you have planted within them!

  3. It is a sad commentary on our culture the way we celebrate films, music and theatre that attack people with Faith.

    Also sad that their road is wide and many are on it.

    Hey I know someone in NC

  4. I love your heart and spirit, Donna. All kids should be so lucky that their parents support them in leaving to improve a different part of the world. As you emphasize, too, the blogoverse makes the world a lot smaller. It's opened my eyes and heart to so much, and I'm really grateful for that. Thanks for this post.

  5. Donna, I loved reading your blog. I'm a mama bear when it comes to my kids and the Gospel of Jesus Christ. So nice to know such a wonderful tigress!I enjoyed every word you wrote girl! Can't wait for your next entry!

  6. Excellent! Your spirit shines thru in this post & so does your faith & love in the gospel! Thank you for sharing!

    Debbie in Pocatello


    This is awesome and so true and sometimes you gotta be a tiger mom!!

    I'm going to link up to you tomorrow from my blog I hope that's OK but I think others should read this.

    You have written something here that is truly inspiring and I thank you!

  8. excellent post!
    I teared up when I came to the picture of your missionary daughter, and what real Mormon missionaries look like.

  9. I came over because Cherie suggested it.
    So glad I did.
    Loved your thoughts on the musical and what is and isn't perceived.

    You must be the most awesome if Stevie Nicks is the Patron Saint of your blog. Her voice could melt butter!

    Have totally enjoyed wandering around over here.

    Ya, eye of the tiger, that's what all moms are isn't it? Fierce about their babies.

  10. Hi, came over from Cheri's..I had the same thoughts as you as I watched the Tony's the other night...and also this...millions shall know Brother Joseph again..and they are and the will because every attack just brings people to look and as they do they see good. It always backfires on Satan as people see the good. Great post! :D

  11. came over via Cheri....Love this post...seriously, love. Then I read through other posts and checked out your blog...honestly, one of the best around!

  12. I so enjoyed reading your blog, and I felt both fierce and sassy by the time I was done. Ready to go ...TELL someone...something. I couldn't agree more on the musical. I felt a little sick watching that one song. The playright(s) must be very bitter about something because it's just not nice to ridicule a whole church's spiritual beliefs. Oh well - the Church's reaction was, as always, perfect. Give the whole thing as little credence as possible. Looking forward to coming back and reading more. I laughed and felt like a sistah all at the same time.

  13. My favorite point was when you mentioned that the mockery is to all that believe in his name, not just those that are Mormon. Excellant comments, they lifted me today. :)

  14. Pedaling introduced me, and I'm so glad she did. This was a beautiful piece, I've enjoyed the comments, and oh, did it ever hit a deep part of my heart when your friend said, "I don't understand why you send the good ones away." And I couldn't agree more with Garden of Egan's Stevie Nicks comment!

  15. hi, visiting from Julie's blog-the Harward's. This was a such a beautiful post, thank you for sharing your thoughts. My favorite part was when you said, "My husband and I did indeed send away some good ones...but they came back better ones".

  16. Donna,
    Glad you posted about this! Many times, when the church is in the spotlight, whether negatively or not, people investigate. I hope that happens because of this play.
    I love the statement from the church.
    Great missionary pictures.

  17. I can only hope that this musical will actually bring people TO the church.
    I LOVE the church's official statement~PERFECT!

  18. This is my first visit to your blog. I loved this post. I agree with every word and applaud you, and your missionary children. As a convert I have nothing but the utmost respect for these worthy young people who bring a most priceless gift to wherever they are sent to serve. I do not have children that will go on missions but I do my best to serve each missionary who comes into our area and support them as best I can in every way I can. I hope you don't mind, but I share this on my facebook. xxoo

  19. Thanks for this heart-felt post.
    I am a mom of three children, all return missionaries, and all three were out at the same time for a little while. I have seen their testimonies grow and have witnessed the incredible good that they have done in representing the church and their Heavenly Father. We should all strive to find the good in the world. Lead by example and be better servants of our Heavenly Father.
    Thanks again for this post! It's a good reminder and you set a good example for us all.

  20. What a great post. I came over from Julie Harwards blog and I agree wth everything you say.
    I am a cahtollic and I do not care what religions other people practice as long as it brings out the good in us ~ We are all one people.
    I have been avoiding the Anthony case too. That's the thing about news ~ they only show the crappy stuff!!
    Have a happy weekend

  21. Hi Donna~ I come to you through Julie from The Harwards. I am a Catholic that once was a Methodist, the a Presbyterian, before becoming Catholic. I also looked at the Mormon Church while my Sister was a Mormon. I have taught religion classes to teens at our church and through our Confirmation classes for high schoolers. I have always been open minded & never pass judgement. Who am I to do so?
    I remember seeing that this play/musical was coming out and feeling such sadness that anyone would dare be so rude. As a Catholic, we are often the butt of jokes, and I am shocked by stereo-typing and the off colored remarks I get. Some say I am too sensitive to it. I refuse to partake or make entertainment of making fun or any kind of mockery.
    I think it is sad that some people, even without knowing that they are doing it, are just fueling this kind of destruction.
    Even though I have chosen my faith as Catholic, my love for others, including those in the Mormon faith with whom I am blessed to call friends, as well as my Siche Faith friends, my Jewish Faith friends, and any others I run across. My God, has taught me to love all. To turn away from things that can poison or cause me to stray from good. Not to expose myself to things that are negative.
    I am sorry that some will be mislead and laugh at your rich faith and culture.
    Please know that several non-Mormon friends will continue to respect your Faith and keep you all in prayer as I know you do for others.
    I also, tire from the negative news. I find news from some channels to be good. Just hard to find. I enjoy watching Robin Meade in the Mornings as hers is upbeat and positive and still gives me important things to know. I too prefer to hear about the GOOD.
    Sorry to ramble... Love to you & glad to find you through that lovely Julie Harward♥

  22. Hello, Donna! Yes, your comment worked. Thanks for stopping by and leaving me some love. We can't get enough of that, can we? So right back at ya!

  23. I'm tired of the Casey Anthony trial, too. And I'm tired of the Weiner guy who seems to be getting a lot of attention. I'd rather hear good news about someone who did something loving or kind or heroic.

    And I'm not Mormon. I'm not even sure what Morman's beleive. But - I do know some Morman's and they have good family values and they seem to have ehtir priorities in order. God, Family and then whatever else. Hmmmmm.... they could sure teach the world a thing or two.

    I guess that's exactly what the missionaries are trying to do.

    And - I've ever even heard of the Book of Morman musical.

  24. Excellant words. I had heard the words to the songs, only some of them, and I thought it would be offensive to anyone of faith. love the missionaries, makes me weep with joy, having sent two off, and one that did not get to go, but wanted to.

  25. I was sent over via bakowbabble.

    I agree with you wholeheartedly. If you want to know more about somebody that is Catholic, talk to a Catholic. If you want to know more about a Mormon, talk to a Mormon.

    If I want to know how to grow apples, I'm not going to talk to the guy who grows potatoes down the road.

  26. Hi Donna~

    I followed the link to your blog from Julie Harward's blog, and I'm so glad I did! What a wonderful post! I could not agree with you more on every point. As a member of the church, I was shocked at the musical, and the music. I just pray the some good will come from it because of the exposure.

    I also had a son who was a wonderful missionary and gained so much for teaching the gospel to those who had not heard it before - he was in Boston. I also have two son-in-laws who served missions, actually on in Costa Rica! They are partly who they are today, because of the missions they served, and because of the lives . . . that touched them.

    Thank you so much for sharing your testimony, it touched and warmed my heart!


  27. Julie sent me over. I appreciate your words. blessings to you and yours ~ tanna

  28. I, too, stopped by from Julie's blog and so glad I did. I totally agree with you! I'm not of the Mormon faith but I friends and family that are. It doesn't matter to me what faith anyone practices...that is their choice...and I think we should all be respectful of that.

    The photos are precious! I LOVE getting to know people from all parts of the world. It's a joy to learn their culture and what they feel, think, do, etc. Very precious experiences!

    Thank you for sharing! I will return ~

  29. P.S. There is no way I can watch the Anthony trial. It's heartbreaking and the media does whatever they can to sensationalize this situation.

  30. This is lovely. Your missionary photos speak straight to my heart. Thank you!

  31. Donna, just came back by to say, yes, there are lots of cobblers enjoyed at our home! LOL! Takes one to know one (cobbler makers). Thank you so much for your comments! blessings ~ tanna

  32. Oh, my! Just saw Stevie is the patron saint of your blog... cousins for sure! LOL!