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Friday, June 10, 2011

They're Back!!!

So this mama bird is flying around looking for the perfect place to build a nest of sticks and poop. And she sees....a red door! that's the ticket! What other bird is going to have a nest next to a red door?
So being one stylin' rockin' mama bird that is exactly what she does.... just like one of her predecessors did last year.
A trend is borne...along with a couple of baby birds only a mother could love.

So the population of my house went up a couple when Stylin' rockin' Mama Bird popped out these cuties. Holy cats! They don't look like they're done do they?

Only a mother could love these little darlings....

I love what she's done with the place, don't you?

I hope they fly away soon...I am getting tired of being attacked by a Stylin' Rockin' mama bird every time I open the door. I was here first.

It's odd to have a nest in the decidedly not real wreath on my red front door. And I forget every time I open the door that I am only a guest here...and Stylin' Rockin' mama bird is in charge.

The little teamsters in the bird union should kick in on the power bill. Then I wouldn't be so cranky. But as it is the little organizers have simply taken over. Strong union.

Proves that even in the animal kingdom being unique rocks.

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  1. And she sent her cousin to our front door, also red (altho you were first, trend-setter you)and because we have a window in our front door, it is driving my kitty crazy! Love what your mama bird did with the "crappy"

  2. Aw, that's sweet, allowing a nest near your front door. I would freak the hell out if it was my front door.

  3. While sweet and exciting to start with it does get a bit old after a while.

  4. Birds kind of scare me up close with their claws and their beaks-- And baby birds? They are just absolutely freaky!

    So cute though, that Mama nested in your wreath. We realized today as we were lolling about reading the newspaper that some sort of big cawing bird has nested in our chimney. I guess birds aren't too bright on the IQ scale.

    And I love your topiaries. I have two almost just like them at my entrance. But it looks to me like the difference between ours, is yours are real or at least they look genuine and mine are Costco and artificial.

  5. Very cute post! I can certainly understand why you wouldn't want them at your front door. Mama sure is running the show!

    I'm a new follower of your cute blog! Nice to meet you!
    Hope you have time to hop by and visit my blog too!

    I have a Designer Top Giveaway that you might like to enter (on my right side bar). ($88 value) I reviewed it in black and love it! It would be great for your daughter or yourself! By the way, her High School photo is gorgeous! You must be so proud.

  6. My kids would go bizerk over that!
    I also find it funny that mama bird would pick the wreath on the door. You'd think the opening and the shutting of the door would get on her nerves.
    I kind of don't blame her though - I like red too!!

  7. I have a red door too! But no baby birds here.

  8. I have birds that live in my parking structure...they poop on my car occasionally, too. I could live without that part. We found a bird just a few days ago that I wanted to keep but we ended up taking it to a place that could take care of it far better than we could.

    I'd link to the post from a few days ago but we just met and all...