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Saturday, January 21, 2012

People in Las Vegas are confused by the cold. It's not normal, so we just don't understand. And until it warms up our lives are just sort of like those pictures of dogs playing poker.....or the republican presidential primaries.

This is how I look at the world any more....the RCA victor dog. He is just slightly incredulous, head cocked to one side.....silently wondering, "what the heck is going on?"

So many things were going on in that primary in South Carolina. This is just my opinion....but I think some people are so mad, so without hope, that they would vote for someone and in this case, anyone, who they think will avenge their feelings. Newt reminds me of that sort of crooked police chief who bends the rules to
"get the guy." But people are looking for a leader.....and in lieu of a real leader......they have chosen Newt.

At least Debbie Wasserman Schultz is having a good night. They have to be thinking that this is Sharon Angle on steroids....

What do you think is going on? Is it really the totally abysmal week Mitt had? Is it Newt's basically charm free campaign? Is he really that angry? Is anyone really that angry? What is going on?

My husband is convinced people simply will not vote for a Mormon........he can't explain it any other way. So he went to bed.

I don't know, maybe that's part of it....but I think people are mad at President Obama and they think Newt can embarrass him during a debate. That's all they want.....revenge.

Which brings me to my favorite show......Revenge. It is shockingly fun....and bad guys are in trouble!!! I love it...

What in the world do you think is going on? What is going to happen? What, What, What?????


  1. I am not a Newt fan. I can only hope that the high showing he got was also caused by democrats stacking the deck (they are allowed to vote in a republican primary) for the "least likely to beat Obama". Then I wish I could get in the voters heads... did they say to themselves, "I'm not gonna vote for a Mormon, so I'll choose the adulterous ethics violator instead." If they can't stomach Romney, why didn't they go for Santorum? NEWT?!? Come on.

  2. I so agree...and I agree with your husband. The polls have shown that 78% of the coverage on Mitt is negative and the "real and only Christens" in the world have spoken, any one but a Mormon! What does that show about their values that they would vote for a serial immoral man? So so sad...they will get what they choose.

  3. Yeah, Newt is snarky and witty and does seem like he could get the goods on everyone that has messed up in govt lately. And I unfortunately think your husband might be right.

  4. I think and then I heard several people interviewed who corroborated it. They want someone who can be vicious with Obama, and they thought newt could put him away in a debate. I really don't think it was religion there, but I could be wrong.

  5. I, too, don't think the public will vote for a Mormon! And Mitt has some baggage he needs to address publicly...that said, I can't believe the South voted for NEWT!?! What a sleaze ball! I don't know where this campaigne is heading.

  6. I'm not really a fan of Newt's, but I do love to watch the feisty old guy debate! I think Mitt is getting a raw deal (If only he were more relaxed on camera!) but I was noticing on the talk stations here in LA today that people were starting to defend him a bit. So maybe the pendulum is swinging back? Has this been a crazy campaign or what? I don't think Mitt has any baggage - when you try to save failing companies, people do lose jobs. And yes, he makes a lot of money. Did we want a successful person to run, or someone who works in fast food? I really don't get the criticism - it's very partisan and not logical at all. But Mitt does need to be a little less reluctant to defend his record, I will say that. I'm such a geek for all of this I can hardly tear myself away. Not like me at all...

  7. I have no thoughts on the political Momma told me discussing that would land me in jail. But I do love Revenge! Now that's one angry young girl....

  8. People are mad and they are stupid when they are mad. I can't tolerate Newt on any level and never have, so even if I was mad I still would not stoop to Newt. If Newt makes it then I will be the one mad-I hope I don't do something stupid!