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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Is It Really December?

So much to tell you...I have been so busy...Oh, you have too? That's right, it's December!
Go back to a few days before Thanksgiving...we had a great job for great people to cook turkey and ham for about 200 of the good men at Nellis Air Force Base. With the help of extra roasters, and our trusty ovens....we (mostly Raymond) cooked lots of turkeys and hams. He cooked them and carved them, put them in large pans and met sweet Becky at the door. Off she went to serve good food to our wonderful men in was an honor.

Even though we were up most of that night, I decided to forgo a nap and instead play with my children who were all home....after all, I could go to bed early, so no problem.

Never say...."no problem"

Sound asleep my phone rang at oldest son calling from his bedroom in horrible pain. The kind of pain that doesn't go away....that's right emergency room and kidney stones! He is young, in great shape so he mended quickly, but oh the pain, (and lack of sleep) and that was just the 6 hours at the emergency room. His next pain will be in the form of the bill for his uninsured self....

Thanksgiving was happily celebrated at our long time friends the Soderbergs....The highlight of the whole day was the moment Joe Soderberg took to express his gratitude. It was sweet, sincere and will stay with me for a long time. His wife Karen then took a moment to do the same, to welcome us all to her home, thanked us all for helping....I loved it! And the food was of course wonderful!!

We got home in time to watch the last (I will not ever believe it) game between Texas and Texas A&M....please know this game is as much a part of my childhood as anything. My grandmother would set a beautiful table for Thanksgiving....and then we would eat at half fact she would remind us...."eat a little faster darlin', our Longhorns need us" And the fact they won!! Amazing. However, everyone get it together in Texas and give us our memories back. Next Thanksgiving is going to be a little bit sad.

The next day we started the long road of decorating....I love Christmas...I love the red and green and silver and sparkling things. The lights and songs. I love it all. I have been pretty busy, so it isn't finished yet! Isn't that awful? I am going to finish today...whatever isn't done won't happen..I have put up my fairies, my radko tree, the garland is's enough.

Last Wednesday I was in charge, along with a lot of other women, our of church's Christmas dinner ..... just for the ladies. Women volunteered to set tables with their holiday finery...we even set up an extra table just in case....we had 9 tables of 8....beautiful settings, beautiful centerpieces...I made sure the lights were low...(that is my tip for decorating - low lights, we look better, the house looks better - your welcome) Every thing went so many people doing so much! My husband cooked all day and made a delicious Chicken with basil sauce...Kim made tons of wild rice...and then we all loved Raymond's salad of greens with strawberries and candied nuts...his new dressing is just right and makes it all pop! And all the women who made dinner rolls! Is anything better? We had a beautiful program on the life of the Savior and then....that's right! Pie!! Thank you Charlie for amazing desserts. And thank you all for many beautiful women...I love them all.

The weather turned horribly that night so we left everything in the car to take care of the next morning. I was so tired and Raymond was beat....we had 2 great lunches to make the next day so we got up and just started working. You know how food is, everything goes well and then at the last minute it gets nuts! So Raymond went outside with me to pack the food and he opened the back of the Yukon, not remembering how much stuff was back there.....hold on......wait for grandmother's china came shooting out the back onto the drive. I was in front and just screamed! It triggered so many emotions...why didn't I follow the prompting to turn the truck around? Our driveway is on an incline and I know how easy it is for things to roll out. Poor Raymond all those glasses broken (they were so cheap no problem) but my grandmother's china? She had had them for 70, 80 years...I couldn't get them one block? The news is not as bad as it could be, only 4 bread plates were broken. How protected was I? Raymond felt awful, and was even more relieved that only 4 bread plates were broken!

Reality's just plates....because the next day was sadly spent with friends at the viewing of a beautiful daughter who left us too soon......there are no words to express the emotions one feels in that setting.

I am hoping we can express our love to each other regularly, we never know what is around the corner. So hug your loved ones today.... please forgive people their shortcomings.....the forgiveness you receive back is well worth someone who needs forgiveness often I count on it.

Which brings us to list of things to be grateful for grows. Today I would like to thank Claudia, Byron, Cris and Susie.....they know what for....and I want them to know how grateful we are for them. There are no finer neighbors. None.

The day looms ahead..... lots of problems to solve...but I know I attitude is changing...I am trying not to be overwhelmed by problems..but instead overwhelmed by solutions. I know where my strength comes from...and I am so grateful for the Savior's guidance and influence in my life. I feel His love.

Thank you to all my friends....both around me and cyber.....

Go and have a great day!!


  1. What lovely holidays (except for the kidney stones). And I, too, hope college football can get their act together so we don't lose that hallowed rivalry-

  2. BUSY...time of the year for sure! I just gave away all my China that my mom gave to me..a 16 piece place setting with all the trimmings. Gave it all to my feels SO GOOD to downsize! ;D

  3. The Texas/Texas A&M game is totally in the lap of DeLoss Dodds and Texas. A&M has been willing to continue the rivalry from the outset of this mess and publicly stated as such.

  4. There is so much here that I can't even respond to all of it except to say that this was a wise, warm, and wonderful post. I loved it!


    PS. And I'm glad you only lost 4 small plates of the china. That's a little miracle in itself!

  5. I would cry at the loss of the beautiful China - I am glad only 4 plates were broken.
    You sure have alot going on right now - alot emotional too.
    I am glad you have been given help and strength and love.

  6. You are busier than I ever thought about being, and yet I feel so overwhelmed right now. I'm in awe of all you're doing! So glad Grandma's china didn't get totally destroyed - only a little bit. But you're right - they are just "things." I am trying to snatch little bits of joy where I find them and remember to appreciate everyone - friends and family - who contribute so much to my good life, and allow me to give myself to them.

  7. Wow you have been busy. I feel that busy but not as productive.

    I've done the Kidney stone thing so I feel for your son.

  8. Whew...I'm tired just from reading about all you've got going! Kidney stones...don't EEVEN get me started. But then again it was the reason they found an underlying problem of my date for the last forty plus years so it wasn't all bad.
    Replacements Ltd has tons of retired patterns for just the kind of situation that happened to you. They just might have your Grandmothers' pattern!

    Hope you are taking time to smell the roses so to speak...
    Merry Christmas and many hugs!

  9. Sheeesh! I know what you mean!! Wishing you a Merry Christmas!!!