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Monday, November 21, 2011

Jury Duty .......yikes!

So in keeping with a life lived on the proper side of the law I reported today for jury duty. I usually am a good sport about my number coming up for jury duty....but not today. I wore my very bad mood right on the outside of my face, and left it there.
I forgot to call the jury summons folks last night...I don't know how your system works but here in the hinterland we call the night before to find out if we need to report or not. I forgot to call and didn't realize it until almost noon. I panicked and saw a bench warrant in my near future. I was so relieved to find I wasn't supposed to report until I drove as fast as I could, I was only a little late and this is what I walked in on.
"Ladies and gentlemen, please line up numerically.....that is one number sequentially after another. What number are you sir? 108? What number are you? 115? We are missing a few people.....would number 109 please come to the front of the line? No Ma'am please stand behind 108 not in front of 108....would number 110 please come up?"
This went on forever......seriously forever.....
And then this exchange......."ladies and gentlemen would you please curve the line around the chairs in the back? No sir, behind them.....sir? could you please go behind the chairs in the back?
And this went on forever.......I felt like I was in the Star Wars Cafe.....

And I was just annoyed......and cranky.

And so I waited....and waited....I had some friends who worked in the building and they came down and visited with me.......and then some more friends came and went......they all seemed to find the humor in a situation that was certainly escaping me.

And then after another interminable amount of time the folks in charge of our little slice of heaven told us all to go home.

Another day in Paradise....and I made it through without a bench warrant for failing to show up for jury duty.


  1. So you get cranky? I wouldnt have thunk it.

  2. Star Wars Cafe..and JURY DUTY? are all delusional .
    TARANTINO with RIO and KILLA HILLA is not the coolest place to " be".
    Clinton & Rove will take you to DOUST with their logbooks.

  3. You must have had your jury-duty-call in Sacramento; because that is EXACTLY what jury duty is like there. Even taking a good book with me only made it barely tolerable.

    Sometimes being a good citizen is the pits, isn't it? :)

  4. May God bless America and preserve the Republic.

  5. I have to confess that jury duty is one of my least favorite things.

    There, I said it.


  6. I've found it to be a cosmic truth that no one notices (or even cares) if you're late to jury duty. Sometimes they don't even notice if you don't show up. If you're unlucky enough to have them notice, the worst thing that happens is that they send you another jury duty summons. And now look! - you're all done for another 18 months. That's enough to make you smile over some turkey and cranberry sauce, yes?

  7. Oh I hear you. What a wonderful feeling it is when they tell you to go home. :)

  8. I was dismissed from jury duty once when a qualifying question was, "Do you believe drinking alcohol is wrong?" And I answered "yes".

  9. ewww.. Hate Jury duty!!! My husband and I get called every year.. I think that Baltimore city is running out of NON-Fellons. lol For the past few years he tosses his summons in the garbage, I tried to do that a few years ago and they sent me a threatening letter. Needless to say I went. I served on a trial so I don't have to go back for two years. I am pretty sure they are up now. Yikes.
    Have a great Monday

  10. HMMM so was your number up?
    Sorry I just couldn't resist! Glad you made it home and 'duty free'. Oh goodness I better sign off before I really start to stink up the place!
    I've been off for the holidays and wanted to be sure I stopped in to say Hi!