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Monday, May 14, 2012

Soul Searching Day 1

I have decided to do some real soul searching.  There are some corners to sweep, some crops to change.....some parts my life are just fine , but there are some parts that could be so much better.
I live beneath my privileges.
So I am on a journey....a find who I can be next.
Sounds fabulous doesn't it?

   Sometimes Green Smoothies are a real mess....


  1. Yes, it does. And exciting!
    I think I may go along...


  2. It all sounds very exciting! I think we all evolve from time to time - we get better and life is more fulfilling. Good luck - I can't wait to see what happens - with ALL of us!

  3. A better version of you?

    Wow, going to be fabulous!

  4. Fantastic keep us in the loop, how, what, and you know, details! I too am on a quest...I just bought a Ukelele to take along..I'm hoping that will make it more fun..gotta learn to play it:). A few quilt and sewing classes too, and maybe my head will pop off with new info and changing brain waves. And luckily my blender lid hasn't failed me yet...looks like it could have been tasty.

  5. That photo is one of the reasons I keep putting off trying out my new Ninja...I'm afraid I will have smoothie mess all over...!
    I can't imagine a better version of you, I'm so enthralled with the current one, but change as they say is good.
    Hugs to you today, dear one!