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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Not a lot of words, Wednesday....

I live in the desert, it is a hard place to make things beautiful....being from Texas I don't like not having years ago we made a deal with our yard.....actually we made a deal with the University that they could use our front yard and we would basically do what they told us to do. We had put in a Wetlands.......the first residential constructed wetlands in Nevada....and so our yard was a great fit for wild experiments. They simply wanted us to not use pesticides, and not to augment the soil. We had to see what would really grow here. So they brought in experimental plants and we dug the holes, Sometimes having to jackhammer to make the holes big enough. This ground is hard and rocky.....a true challenge. My front porch.....
And so now the flower show starts.....all of these pictures are of the front yard. I just wanted you to see the colors, and the possibilities of drought tolerant plants.

This is the most beautiful plant, the flowers look like wisteria, but of course, it isn' does freeze, but all four of mine came back, after a lot of time.....most everything starts greening up in April, this one and the bougainvilleas didn't really start going until June. It does pay to be patient.
Verbena is always a must
You can't see this very well, but this is an African Sumac that volunteered in this place, so my husband bent it way over and tied it down to train it to watch over the wetlands....
the Cannas are what we have in the wetlands right now, we took out all the cattails and the curly willow. Too invasive. I which we had hundreds of different kinds and colors of cannas, but maybe some time.
Another African Sumac, they volunteer everywhere because we mulch the entire front of our yard. In fact so much volunteers that I plant and replant all the time.

The original African the trunks on these treesSee the purple? It is called purple heart and I got it out of a woman's yard I had admired. She just handed it to me and now I have it all over. In the bottom of my pots, in the yard, in water, in the wetlands, everywhere.
This is my favorite bougainvillea, it grows up around the mailbox, the mail man hates it, but I don't have the heart to cut it. It comes back every year.
And here it is again....
I love it....
purple heart and creeping myrtle.....I got the creeping myrtle from a friend, and now it is also everywhere.
Russian sage (smells heavenly) and purple ruella growing inside of it. They were both volunteers.....
Next to the purple buddies is California fuchsia, which absolutely takes over......and the start of the pumpkin story...

Last year we went to Sacramento with the Holley's and we went o every farmers market there was. my husband got several gourds and pumpkins and harvested the is what he did with them.......
They are everywhere
all across the front of the yard.....

Is this wild? It goes right across the steps in front of our house.....and there are so many pumpkins and gourds.....just crazy....I wanted to share the fall in the desert....our imagination and a shovel....


  1. I LOVE this. I love your gourds and the vine creeping everywhere. I find it amazing that you live in Nevada and bougainvillaea looks so happy. We had it all over everything when I was growing up in Florida. I so wish I could blink my eyes and visit. Maybe because I live in such a humid place, I'm fascinated by the desert.

    1. I would love for you to come and visit! I would love it, we have a new swing now on the porch, perfect for relaxing!!

  2. Beautiful! The view and those chairs on your porch beckon one to sit a spell. Living in Colorado and as an eco-sensitive gardener, I worked very hard to create a garden that is both drought tolerant and colorful; those two need not be mutually exclusive.

    1. That was the challenge I had, I didn't want we worked hard to find plants that would survive with very little care. the thing is beauty grows in adversity. I have to keep remembering that

  3. I not only took a virtual walk through your yard -- it felt like I was actually there. I am jealous :) I want to come over and lounge there with you and take all that beauty in!

    1. I am so glad we could walk together even if it was only virtual!!